Erdemtaş Makine, the Choice of Pirelli Tires in 5 Countries

For over 10 years, Pirelli has been working with the ESO Group for the assembly and disassembly projects and turnkey machinery manufacturing jobs of its production bases located in Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Russia, and Romania. The company has once again chosen Erdemtaş Makine, a member of the ESO Group, to produce the production lines and production machines for a project intended to increase the capacity of its Turkish Branch.


While ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon undertook the automation installation within the projects concluded within the ESO Group, Erdemtaş Makine became the solution partner for machinery production. Among several factors contributing to Pirelli’s decision to choose the Erdemtaş Makine is the company’s capability of managing machine manufacturing, automation system installations and assembly / disassembly operations from a single center in addition to the service and product quality during the processes.








Within the framework of the project, Erdemtaş Makine undertook the production and commissioning of Motor Sport Finishing Conveyor Line Production, Batchoff Machine Wigwag and P. Stocker Production, Stock Feeder Machine, Bale Cutter, Extruder Feeder, Truck Tyre Trimming Line, Tread Application Unit, Winding Machine and Festoon, Slitting Machine, Tyre Control Machine, Finishing Line Conveyors and Tyre Take-Out Robot. Er-Demtaş Makine worked once again in collaboration with ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon for the automation of systems.

Within the framework of the turnkey machinery and line assembly-disassembly work for the Pirelli Factory, Erdemtaş Makine completed Truck Tyre Building Machine (TRGA) Installation and RM30 Tyre Building Machine Dismantling, Truck and Automobile Bead Building Machines, Cross and Linear Cutting Machines, 40,5″ and 63,5″ Curing Press, 52″ and 65″ Hydraulic Curing Press, X-Ray Machine, Balance – Uniformity Machine, A70-3L8 Tyre Building Machine, Truck Tyre Trimming Line, Mixer Line, Triplex Extrusion Line, Quadroplex Extrusion Line assemblies together with ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon.

Erdemtaş Makine Hand in Hand with World Leaders

Erdemtaş Makine has assembled and delivered a Sidewall Joint Press Machine, a Tread Recycling Machine, Fabric Winding Machine and Tyre Building Machine Spares and commissioned the systems for Pirelli factories in Russia and Romania among several others spread across the globe.

Distinguished by its extensive know-how regarding Disassembly-Assembly project processes and by the high quality of its workforce, Erdemtaş Makine has functioned, together with ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon, as a solution partner in Romania for Mixer Line, Textile-Metallic Hybrid Calender Line, Triplex Extrusion Line, Curing Press, Module TBM Machine Assembly; and in Italy for RM30 Tyre Building Machine Dismantling, 52” Curing Press Disassembly and Triplex Extrusion Line Disassembly; and in Egypt for Tyre Building Machine Tension Control System Installation.

The machinery for which Erdemtaş Makine, a reliable and popular supplier for Pirelli Turkey, undertook the turnkey machinery production and manufacturing line production, and ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon the installation of the automation system, all continue to function reliably and produce efficiently.