Turnkey Machine Assembly and Line Assembly

With its extensive know-how regarding the processes and its high-quality work force, Er-Demtaş Makine is completely capable of assembling machinery and production lines. The company’s expertise in machinery installation, and the support it offers for the electrics and automation side, increases its capability of offering services ranging from setting a single component of a machine to turnkey assembly. With its team of experienced engineers, Er-Demtaş Makine undertakes the mechanical assembly of machinery and production lines, while its sister company ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon, another member of the ESO Group, flawlessly performs electrical wiring and automation system installations. Also manufacturing steel constructions and equipment based on customer requirements, the company has its own cranes and platforms necessary for the assembly. Placing emphasis on occupational safety in each process, Er-Demtaş Makine makes sure after every sensitive assembly job that the system functions in compliance with the highest safety standards.

Aware of the interdependence between its customers’ efficient production and the conditions of its machinery and equipment, Er-Demtaş Makine works at full force to install or change equipment in a short time, delivers projects on time and minimizes system cuts. Commissioning of the system takes place after the machinery or production line has been installed and tested, and then, if necessary, training is offered to personnel. A typical sample of turnkey machine assembly may include the following steps:

• Receiving the machine into the site of reception and staging

• Using cranes or trucks to move the machine to where it will be installed

• Installing the steel constructions, manufacturing and assembling the platforms

• Assembling the other elements of infrastructure

• Conducting the final test and commissioning together with the factory personnel and / or producer

• Training the personnel as to how the equipment is to be used

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