Turnkey Factory Assembly

Er-Demtaş Makine operates together with its sister company ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon within the ESO Group, collaborating on turnkey factory moving and assembly projects. While Er-demtaş Makine is responsible for machine design, production and mechanical installation of the system, ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon undertakes the automation installation, electrical wiring and panel manufacturing of the system. The systems are delivered to the customers after the assembly works on the field are completed using the company’s own machinery, cranes and platforms and the systems become operational. Thanks to the strong spirit of cooperation and constructive rapport under the corporate roof of ESO Group, project owners enjoy the benefits of engaging with a single company to complete the entire processes on time, receive quality products and services, and reduce costs during turnkey factory installation processes.

With its team of electrical, electronics and mechanical engineers, Er-Demtaş Makine offers a full range of services. Thanks to its extensive know-how gained over the years and its technical equipment, the team is capable of translating incoming requests into projects through correct and thorough analysis as well as of designing them and producing first class reliable machinery. Systems installed at the end of a processes running parallel to the automation and electrics sides, offer thorough and flawless performance along with user security.

Er-Demtaş Makine also offers pre- and post-installation training, test runs with plant operators as well as solutions that optimize start-up working conditions during commissioning of the given mechanical devices and the manufacturing process. All systems are delivered to customers with all the necessary tests completed, and with guaranteed high-performance operation.

Manufacturing as well the steel construction and equipment required for turnkey factory assemblies, Er-Demtaş Makine guarantees comfort for its customers in terms of both follow-ups and costs. As per its structure and vision, the company functions as the only contact for all solutions.

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