Machinery Manufacturing

Flawless Engineering, high performance

Since its foundation, Erdemtaş Makine has dedicated itself with its products and services to making your efficiency- and performance-based enterprise more competitive. The company is capable of developing customized solutions tailored for projects based on the requirements of customers, who are active especially in the tire and rubber industry, thanks to its strong R&D, design and engineering base.

The machines produced by Erdemtaş Makine for the tire manufacturing and rubber industries require less work force, minimize maintenance costs, increase productivity thanks to their high-speed performance, and combine flawless product quality with security.  Erdemtaş Makine’s production flexibility allows it to adapt itself to projects involving more sophisticated designs or tires of larger sizes.

Erdemtaş Makine has the experience and technical know-how required to run a thorough analysis of the field as well as of its customers’ needs from the very first meeting. In this regard, the company creates projects, starts with the R&D and design jobs, and produces flawlessly operating high quality machinery at the end of the required approval process.

Erdemtaş Makine operates together with its sister company ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon within the ESO Group, collaborating on turnkey machinery and production line manufacturing. ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon undertakes the automation and electrical wiring of the systems once Erdemtaş Makine has completed their mechanical production.  The devices are then delivered to the field using the company’s own machinery, cranes and platforms and are assembled thereafter. The systems are delivered on time in working condition after the commissioning and operator training. Thanks to the strong spirit of cooperation and constructive rapport under the corporate roof of ESO Group, customers enjoy the benefits of engaging with a single company to complete the whole process as well as doing high-quality business with the added comfort of better time management and reduced costs.

Erdemtaş Makine produces a total of 23 distinct types of machines in 5 main categories.

Mixer Equipment

Extruder Equipment

Tire Production Machines

Tire Inspection and Packaging Machines

Semi-finished Products & Winding Machines

Machinery Construction & Other Machines

Bead Building Machine

ESO Group Service is always your solution partner, with its excellent quality of service in terms of mechanical maintenance and repair of machines, updating of automation systems, application of electrical designs and modernization of existing machinery and systems.