With its motivation and determined approach, Erdemtaş Makine has devoted itself to providing the best possible solution for its customers, and to making your efficiency- and performance-based enterprise more competitive. With its strong R&D, design and engineering teams, the company offers first class solutions customized specifically for projects, based on customer requirements.

Active in the production of production line manufacturing machinery intended for the tire and rubber industries, Erdemtaş Makine’s final product line includes Mixer Extruder Equipment, Tire Manufacturing Machinery, Tire Inspection and Packaging Machinery, Semi-finished Products & Winding Machines, Machinery Construction and Manufacturing of Other Machinery and equipment.


Erdemtaş Makine offers the following services for all manufacturing industries: turnkey machine and production line assembly, machinery maintenance, repair and revisions, and the procurement of equipment and spare part supplies as required. Further, together with its sister company ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon, another member of the ESO Group, the company acts as a solution partner for its customers in the fields of turnkey factory assembly and industrial automation.

Since its foundation, Erdemtaş Makine has combined the extensive know-how it has acquired along the process with its high-quality work force to flawlessly meet all the needs of its production facilities. Its technical team of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers offers customers the benefits of production sustainability and production efficiency at the lowest cost and fastest speed. The company aims to help its customers increase their industrial productivity in a sustainable way.

Why Erdemtaş Makine?

Operating with a customer-oriented approach, Erdemtaş Makine is a member of the ESO Group together with ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon. The ESO Group has the first and only business model in Turkey for delivering turnkey factory assembly projects and for the production of necessary machinery as well as for process automation, electrics and assembly. With this model, customers remain in contact with one single company for the entire process, achieving faster results at a much lower cost.

Erdemtaş Makine has made impressive strides in its development process, helping it to gain top-drawer references. Producing, designing and launching projects with leading tire and automotive brands, the company’s meticulous approach to smooth management of processes has opened the doors to international markets.

Erdemtaş Makine specializes in the manufacturing of production machinery, equipment, and in machinery maintenance, renewal and assembly. With its team of electrical, electronics and mechanical engineers, the company offers a full range of services. The team is capable of translating incoming requests into projects through correct and thorough analysis as well as designing them and manufacturing machinery. Systems installed at the end of the processes running parallel to the automation side, offer flawless operations along with user security.

Combining the highest quality products, engineering and work force in the systems it installs, Erdemtaş Makine produces first class machinery. Products such as PLC, Scada, servomotor, and sensors from the world’s leading brands are used on the automation side. Combined with reliable software, sophisticated engineering and a flawless workforce, the products fully meet all the requirements of system management and production line.

The machinery manufactured by Erdemtaş Makine offers enterprises the opportunity to invest at a lower cost, and to produce more profitable and better quality products faster by using less energy and fewer resources. In addition, uninterrupted communication quality and reliable software provide full control, online access to information, application of process-related workflow and faster and more efficient management of critical operations.

ESO Group Service is always your solution partner, with its excellent quality of service in terms of mechanical maintenance and repair of machines, updating of automation systems, application of electrical designs and modernization of existing machinery and systems.