Erdemtaş Makine Met with the Industry at Santek 2017 Exhibition

Under the corporate roof of the ESO Group, Erdemtaş Makine and its sister company ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon participated in SANTEK 2017 – 4th Eastern Marmara Industry and Technology Exhibition, held by TÜYAP Anadolu Fuarları A.Ş between 2-5 November 2017.

About 300 companies, active in the production machinery and manufacturing industries, energy, electrics, electronics and automation, automotive and automotive supply industries, ports, docks and ships industries and iron-steel and non-ferrous metal industries, participated in SANTEK 2017, one of Turkey’s most important industry exhibitions. The exhibition attracted over 30.000 visitors, who showed a great deal of interest in Erdemtaş Makine among others.

ESO Group focused its promotional efforts this year on automation projects and references, machinery production for the tire and rubber industry, and turnkey factory assembly services. The booth attracted a lot of attention and became the site of national as well as international networking.

A member of the ESO Group, Erdemtaş Makine distinguished itself at the exhibition by introducing a Tire Bead Wire Winding Machine which is completely its own design. Designed and produced after the relevant R&D work for the first time in Turkey, the machine’s automation system was installed by ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon and it was then commissioned in the field. Erdemtaş Makine is making a name for itself especially through its production of production machines intended for the tire industry. Having leading brands such as Pirelli, Brisa, Petlas, Sumitomo, Goodyear among its references, the company continues to enjoy the results of never compromising the quality of its materials or work force.

Another member of the ESO Group, ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon attracted the visitors’ attention thanks to the factory process automation projects it has undertaken so far. As a solution partner for Mitsubishi, the company had installed the automation and electric systems of the Marmaray project, combining its technology and high-quality service with complete control and security.


In addition, ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon undertakes the installation and commissioning in the field of the automation systems in the machines produced by its sister company Erdemtaş. Thanks to the strong spirit of cooperation and constructive rapport between these two company companies, the ESO Group offers its customers turnkey machinery production and manufacturing line assembly and turnkey factory assembly services, ensuring reduced costs and better time management.

In this connection, we would like to thank all our guests who spared their valuable time to visit the ESO Group booth at this very productive exhibition.