Erdemtaş Makine Became Sumitomo’s Solution Partner

Sumitomo Rubber Group, which has numerous factories across the world, has chosen Erdemtaş Makine for the turnkey factory assembly project of its personal car radial tire production facility located in Çankırı, Turkey, and for the production of tire manufacturing machinery.

Founded in 2013 as Sumitomo Rubber Ako Tire Industry, the company started its operations in 2015, and is now aiming to produce a daily number of 30.000 tires. To make sure this giant production facility operates seamlessly, Sumitomo has decided to work with ESO group, which acts as the parent company for ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon and Erdemtaş Makine in the turnkey factory assembly project.

One Company and Many Solutions in Turnkey Factory Assemblies

Within the framework of the project, Erdemtaş Makine used its own cranes and platforms to deliver the machinery that had been brought over from Japan to the completely constructed factory site. ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon, distinguished by its meticulous and professional management of processes, and Erdemtaş Makine, producer of flawlessly operating machinery, have successfully managed the process preceding the production by completing the tasks of mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, providing power supply, transferring fluidity from switches to machines, inside tubing jobs for machines, powering up machines to make them ready for the test and accompanying the supervisor during the test after having designated the site of the assembly. For this project, the ESO Group created a settlement area in Çankırı by building a worksite there.










High Performance with Cutting Edge Technology

During the second stage of the project, Sumitomo decided that certain machines would be produced in Turkey. Once again, at this point, the company chose Erdemtaş Makine with its strong engineering base.

Among the most important factors contributing to Sumitomo Rubber Ako’s decision to choose the ESO Group was the company’s capability to develop customized solutions tailored for the projects based on customer requirements thanks to its strong R&D, design and engineering base. Further, the reliable and flawless machines produced by Erdemtaş Makine for industries active especially in the tire manufacturing and rubber industry, require less work force, minimize the maintenance costs, and increase productivity thanks to their high-speed performance. For the automation of the machines with their strong in-built mechanical structures, ESO Endüstriyel Otomasyon became Sumitomo’s solution partner.                 










Erdemtaş Batch-off Line for Flawless Cooling

Within the framework of the project, Erdemtaş Makine designed and produced first class Batch-off Line (Cooling Line) machines to reduce the high temperatures that the rubber paste reaches during the mixing process to the required temperatures. The high performance of the strong in-built ventilation system cools the rubber mixture down to the precise temperature required. The product also features complete systems designed to protect the materials from jamming and forming balls. Erdemtaş Makine is capable of designing and producing multilayer batch-off machines and of increasing the number of conveyor belts to increase cooling capacity when necessary. Having activated the system in the field after completing the turnkey assembly of the completely finished belt at the Sumitomo Rubber Ako production facility, Erdemtaş Makine delivered the product in working condition.

Precision and Power in One Place

Another machine Erdemtaş Makine manufactured for Sumitomo Rubber Ako’s production facility was the Tire Inspection Machine, which plays an important part in the final physical inspection of the finished product. The device continues to function flawlessly, offering important and reliable assistance to operators at the final points of inspection.

The Bladder Painting Unit used to do the painting that prevents the bladder bag, which internally cooks the tire, from sticking to the tire, as well as the Bladder Injection Infeed Unit, and the Circle Stowing Machine which produces the fill material used in between the tire and the circle, all maintain their high-performance operation and continue to increase efficiency.

Erdemtaş Makine had also been commissioned to undertake the Turnkey Factory Assembly for the leading tire producer Brisa’s Tire Production Base located in Aksaray.