Mixer Equipments

Since its foundation, Erdemtaş Makine has specialized in the manufacturing of tire production machinery and production lines. Used to mix the chemicals featured in tire/rubber formulae into compounds by means of the mechanical compression effect, mixers are among the most important machines used in the sector. The quality of the process that takes place within the mixers has a direct effect on the quality of the product and on process flow. With a sense of responsibility resulting from an awareness of the importance of the process, Erdemtaş Makine maintains the quality of its mixer equipment to the highest possible standards, constantly updates its technology to further develop the design of equipment used for belts, and meticulously produces machinery as per the specified requirements.

Among Erdemtaş Makine’s range of products are Batch-off Machines, Bale Cutters, and Stock Feeder Machines in the Mixer Equipment category.

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